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Born in Laredo. I believe in roots. Loyalty, Coherence and Equilibrium have been the values that have always reigned my life. I am someone highly oriented to Results, a student of Communication and with a high degree of Resilience. I have lived in Brussels and Santiago de Chile, I am passionate about golf because of what it means in terms of self-control and personal challenge. I like to listen and accompany others on their search, plan and achievement of their personal and/or professional challenges. I graduated in English Philology from the University of Salamanca, and I am a Certified Coach from the IE Business School. I am an expert on economic management and business training plans, and I am a convinced optimist. Ah!... and one of my most rooted beliefs is that Time is one of the few intangible values that cannot be recovered and as such… I would never make you lose it!


I am a music and nature lover and a runner... although I was born in Madrid, I developed most of my professional career in the UK and USA. After I graduated in Business Administration from the University Carlos III of Madrid, I discovered my passion for finance and dedicated 16 years of my life to this wonderful discipline as a financial analyst of listed companies and as a fund manager. Drive, thorough knowledge of the companies, one to one contact with executives, analysis of what works and what doesn´t, decision making… all that and much more made me passionate about the financial world. I was born an optimist, and I believe that everything has a good side and that any difficulty can be overcome with the right attitude. After all, setbacks enable us to grow. I like challenges as a way of overcoming ourselves. I am a big traveller, which has made me open minded and given me the chance to meet very different people. I take great joy in constantly learning. I have to admit that 12 years ago in London, I bumped into an executive coach that helped me profoundly improve the way I worked and opened my mind up. I currently coach individuals and am certified through IE Business School.


A vocational psychologist. I studied in Richmond University, London and hold two Masters Degrees from the Complutense University of Madrid (U.C.M.). I took my first steps in clinical and forensic Psychology but due to vicissitudes of fate, I ended up developing the bulk of my experience in Human Resources. I spent 10 years working in different areas including recruitment, training and development, and working environment assessment. I have been fortunate enough to work with extraordinary people who, amongst other things, have helped me develop. I have lived in Switzerland and London and no doubt, my international experience has shaped the way I am today. I recharge batteries in nature and, along with my family, enjoy the common language of music. Life has shown me that big things are achieved by taking small steps. I strongly believe one can reach what one wants, if one truly wants to. I decided to get certified in Coaching-I.E. Business School-in order to accompany and support people in the project they chose to embark upon.